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Founded in 1989, the Bayfield Brass is a group of 5 musicians from the Annapolis, MD area. The Bayfield Brass perform a wide range of musical styles from the Renaissance to Jazz. The group's versatility enable it to cover many musical “bases” and ensure that the right music is always performed at the appropriate time—and always at competitive prices.


The Bayfield Brass performs in a great variety of musical settings including the Concert Stage, Parties, Wedding Ceremonies, and even the

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streets of Annapolis during the Holiday Season. The emphasis is on providing top quality entertainment and the group is always ready to help with planning the music for any affair.

Whether you're looking for a group that will give your party an extra kick, your wedding more elegance, or the concert stage more variety, be sure to call the Bayfield Brass at 443-623-6946 or e-mail us at: