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Performing in virtually every musical venue and genre, the Bayfield Brass has built a reputation for quality and versatility. The group has won acclaim for their performances at the Maryland Renaissance Festival for the past 4 years and will be featured at the Festival again this year.


The Bayfield Brass also continues to perform concerts and win accolades at local concert halls, parks and community centers.


The holiday season is an especially busy season for the group with numerous appearances in churches, malls, and concert stages around

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the Annapolis-Baltimore-Washington area. Since 1996 the group has been a fixture at the Annapolis Midnight Madness and Eleventh Hour festivals as well as the Mainstay Theatre in Rock Hall, MD.


A special Christmas Party takes place every year at the Old Stein Inn in Mayo, MD where everyone braves the cold and enjoys traditional and more contemporary Holiday music.


Please call us at 446-623-6946 or e-mail us at:

Bayfield for information regarding bookings and rates.